Why so few leaders have the stuff of champions

A few days ago in Wembley Stadium, Italy confronted England for the European Championship title. A veritable soccer suspense story! At halftime, England led 1:0 and after the second half the two teams were tied 1:1. Ditto after overtime. And then the penalty shootout. Italy wins by one point. Italy is European Champion. But why did this team become European champion? Why could other teams have been? And why do many leaders lack the luster to become European Champion in their own arena?

Think-Tank 2021: Unusual, and as always

Perhaps not in our lovely Paderborn office, yet all the same, this year we once again collectively think tanked. On April 15th, our 6th Think Tank: Leaders in Action was an entirely digital event. Undeterred, over 30 guests answered the call to draw inspiration from our three speakers.  

A “P“ is missing … or why real sustainability is so difficult

When we talk about leadership responsibility, we are addressing a vital aspect of sustainability. This means present tense needs should be satisfied without compromising the future generation’s ability to meet their needs as well. According to the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development, it is important that the three dimensions of sustainability – social justice, environmental protection and economic efficiency – are given equal attention.

Future Visions

Seine unbedingte Hingabe für die von ihm ausgeführte Tätigkeit gibt der Leader an sein Umfeld weiter. Dadurch gelingt es ihm auch, ein Bild der Zukunft zu zeichnen – eine unverzichtbare Eigenschaft, wenn es um Employee Engagement geht. Natürlich haben auch Manager Visionen, doch sie unterscheiden sich von denen des Leaders in einem entscheidenden Punkt: Die Visionen des Managers sind rationaler Art und deshalb vielleicht auch eher als Ziele zu bezeichnen, während der Leader ein klares Bild vor Augen hat.

When no one’s there to receive Christmas mail

As is our custom each year, at the beginning of January we sent all our clients, suppliers and friends digital New Year’s greetings with a short video reviewing the past year as well as offering a glimpse of our plans for 2020. As we always do. We hadn’t a clue that two months later nothing would be “as we always do.” Still, there are a couple of things that haven’t changed at all – our principles and our confidence and drive to shape 2020, nonetheless. But more about that in January.

The Coming Generations

This study probes into employee expectations the younger Generations Y and Z have on their employer and their supervisors. Furthermore, the study compiles the extent to which employees perceive their expectations as fulfilled at their workplace as well as the extent to which their leaders are aware of and willing to fulfill them. Six primary factors are investigated, and improvement suggestions derived by juxtaposing expectations, employees’ perceived reality and leaders’ perspectives.

Works council vs. Executive board? Mutual understanding is the only path to take!

Maybe it’s the inherent differences. Maybe it’s just coincidence. In our 20 years of travel, stopping at many companies on the most varied sectors, we have seen far more uncompromising battle lines drawn between works councils and executive boards than harmonious give and take. So? You may say. That’s normal, their interests are diametrically opposed! Well, yes, maybe there where the gauntlet has been thrown down. And no, not at all, when we join forces to shape the future.

20 years of Liscia Consulting

It’s been 20 years now since Liscia Consulting opened its doors for the first time. 20 years since the turn of the millennium. In the year 2000, Michael Schuhmacher won the world championship, FC Bayern München became German champion (again) and Nokia’s 3310 – the indestructible cellphone with an incredibly long-life battery – went on the market. Much has happened over the past 20 years, reason enough for us review our bit of history.

Busy bees, blissful beekeepers

As the title implies, it’s about one of the most important pollinators on the planet. Einstein allegedly claimed that without them, humanity would have but four years to live. Frequently cited, the quote has never been verified – neither the dramatic results on an Earth without bees, nor that Einstein actually foretold it so. Nonetheless, the pollination power of the honeybee is undisputed.

Betwixt and between – the perfect place to be

Commonly carrying a negative connotation, the adage betwixt and between depicts an inability or hesitation to make a decision, or to be caught between two opposing forces. Neither condition is welcome since they force us out of our comfort zone. You could say Sandra Hunke’s comfort zone is precisely betwixt and between. And she doesn’t just sit there. She is extraordinarily active and extraordinarily successful. In her own words, “Success is not a matter of luck!” At our 5th Think Tank on February 6th, Sandra Hunke’s presentation was enthusiastically received by our guests. Reason enough for us to print her talk here in our blog. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life

Four months ago, at the beginning of January to be precise, we came together for our annual new year’s workshop to plan 2020. We discussed, among other things, upcoming projects and the travel agenda these projects entail. We are a small company of four consultants who travel throughout Europe and a one-woman support staff holding the fort. As a rule, the four of us depart to our various clients during the course of a given Monday …

Leaders in Action Celebrate Think Tank No 5

It’s February 6, 2020, time to dive into Think Tank No 5! A Liscia Consulting GbR brainchild, the Think Tank came to life in 2015. An annual event in Paderborn, Germany, Liscia’s Think Tank offers three stimulating presentations and the opportunity for lively networking. And this year, too, more than 30 invited guests followed the Think Tank call.

Getting a handle on negotiating

What matters most when you’re negotiating an agreement? If you think about it, we spend a good deal of time negotiating our way through each day. How can we pave the way to satisfying negotiations? Does negotiating require talent? And what exactly is a win-win strategy?

Leading employees to good (mental) health

Nowadays, it’s no secret that good health among your employees plays an essential role in the business theater. And you, as their leader, are the star of the show when it comes to your employees’ good health and well-being. This goes beyond providing healthy foods and rest periods, it also presupposes that you supply plenty of drinking water and ensure that break times are upheld. These things you do as a matter of course. There are, however, other aspects that go far to establishing and safeguarding your employees’ health.

The Helpful Hybrid

A prevailing supplement to business consulting since the early 1980s, hybrid coaching has yet to establish itself in consulting and training practices. Although the term hybrid coaching turns up in nearly every description of advisory offers, its interpretation is primarily twofold. Some enterprises and associations define hybrid coaching as a conglomerate of various coaching and advisory approaches, while others interpret the term as a combination of face-to-face, telephone and video coaching. The latter definition merely supplements traditional coaching with virtual media.

Conflict – Blessing or Curse?

At which point does a discussion become a conflict? Our very existence is characterized by human interaction, both private and professional. And one aspect of human interaction is conflict. When conflicts arise among team members at work, how should you, as their leader, respond?

The wild mustangs of California – what they teach us

You live, and you learn – There’s not a soul on the planet who hasn’t heard or said this adage at least once. And it’s true, of course. Thus, earlier this summer, our colleague Franziska spent three weeks in Golden State California to intensify her horse-assisted coaching knowledge and practices. Here, she shares with us a short summation of her experiences, insights and purpose.

Is there a recipe for happiness?

What is that – Happiness? How can I get my piece of the pie? Can I increase or influence my personal happiness? Why is it that some people are never really happy? For many of us, happiness is our number one priority. It encompasses a fulfilling job, perhaps a family, a meaningful partnership and the feeling that we are needed. Often, the things we do, the decisions we make are motivated by our wish to be happy.

A tribute to the working mom – meeting the challenge of children and career

May 12, 2019 – Mother’s Day in Germany. A day we are meant to honor our mothers. A concept that, like so many others, has evolved into a consumerist occasion. The modern Mother’s Day was first celebrated on May 9, 1908 in the U.S.A., founded by Anna Jarvis to commemorate her mother’s and all mothers’ accomplishments as well as to promote women’s rights. Although celebrated in all states, it wasn’t until 1914 that President Wilson declared it an official national holiday. Today, the core message seems to have been lost in the commercial hullabaloo intent on increasing flower, greeting card and perfume sales. And our moms? How do we acknowledge their daily achievements? What are these actually? And, especially, what about our working moms?

Position poker? Placing your company’s managers and leaders in the optimal position.

Are your company’s management and leadership positions held by those best equipped to do the job? Productively allocating leadership positions is certainly not one of the easiest tasks you face, although the most suitable employee in the right position can be a boon to your profits and productivity. But how to go about finding the best person?

Leader and employee coach? – Coaching toolbox for leaders

If you have ever looked into topics concerning leadership and coaching, you have most likely encountered titles such as A Leader as Coach in trade journals or in the pages of training providers. But does it really make sense for leaders to become coaches for their employees? Or is every leader automatically a coach? Probing into this question requires expanding on the issue somewhat. We must first view human personality and coaching in general before circling back to the coaching-leadership combination.

The heart of the matter on Valentine’s Day – design, bees and transitional processes at Liscia Consulting’s 4th Think Tank: Leaders in action

On February 14th, the day of love, over 40 executives travelled from all over Germany to gather for the fourth time at Liscia Consulting GbR in Paderborn. It’s Think Tank Time! In addition to flowers and chocolate – after all, it is Valentine’s Day – Liscia’s guests were treated to three informative talks, followed by lively Q&A, as well as a chance for personal and professional networking. In addition to new impetus for daily business, known acquaintances were refreshed and new contacts established.

Liscia Consulting launches the G.P.S.-Academy!

Not a moment too soon, the Paderborn consultancy opens the doors of the G.P.S.-Academy – Growing Personality & Skills today. What’s it all about? “Nothing new, really,” Marcello Liscia says. “We have always offered each of our clients an individual, open seminar program, exclusively adapted to their companies.” And precisely this exclusive, personal treatment is now being expanded.

On the Turnpike of Transition

We are often more willing to accept changes in our private lives than we are when change comes to our professional environment. Businesses looking to alter, improve or evolve their practices are more often confronted with employee resistance than with employee enthusiasm. Yet, if you want your business to keep up in the race, you must be perpetually prepared to initiate and successfully implement change.

Christmas – Cramps or carols?

What’s your first thought when you think of Christmas? Stress, frenzy and chaos or contemplation, harmony and benevolence? Often, the former has the upper hand. For many, the days preceding Christmas are filled with unyielding stress, racing from one business or social engagement to the next and heaving a heavy sigh of relief when the last holiday has been celebrated – now we can relax until New Year’s!

Successful teams

Leaders often succumb to the erroneous belief that a team’s success lies solely with its members’ skills and competence. Far too often they brush aside personality traits, giving little or no credence to the significance of personal preferences and values. Yet, an employee’s attitude decides how smoothly (and successfully) he or she merges into the team – Hire attitude and train skills!

Strike five, they’re out! Five D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS workbooks are now available!

Having successfully published their first book D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS. Leadership is not an Illusion addressing leadership development, authors Gianni, Jan and Marcello Liscia have generated five advanced-learning workbooks. Readers will feel at home with the inimitable Liscia content and style as they delve further into the D.R.E.A.M. Formula. Each workbook is dedicated to one aspect of the D.R.E.A.M. Formula anagram:

What does Coaching really mean?

Coaching is a common term in the working world and can be heard on every corner. But what precisely is coaching? Conceptually, coaching is a structured, one-on-one dialogue intended to awaken the coachee’s inner reflection during a transitional process, opening the gateways to options and alternatives. So what does that mean concretely?

“Let’s Talk Business”, National Association of Mid-Sized Businesses (BVMW)

On Tuesday evening, September 18, 2018, 15 BVMW members came together in Let’s Talk Business to discuss generational change and succession, a unique transitional process. The event was hosted by Liscia Consulting GbR of Paderborn, Germany.

Be palpably present at your presentations!

There you are at a presentation, hiding behind your slides, camouflaged with your content or literally tucked away in a corner of the room. You are passing up the chance to leave your audience with a strong impression, which in turn drains your message of its power. Many presentations hold a golden opportunity to pitch yourself, to strengthen your current position in the company or even to convey your readiness for the next rung up the ladder.

Communication 4.0

When typing the word communication in the Google search box, the first hits you come up with are ‘What is communication’; ‘How does communication work’; ‘Communication models’, and ‘Do-it-yourself communication’. So obviously, these days, our kids are breast-fed on communication models such as those from Schulz von Thun or Watzlawick.

Of homeland and house-building: What does leadership mean exactly?

The word leadership is a commonly accepted and intellectually understood term. It does not need any further definition. Or does it? Do we use the word too casually, without understanding is true meaning?

Spring 2018, and Liscia Consulting recieves two awards straight away

Whoever would have thought? 2018 is but a few months old and Liscia Consulting can already pride themselves on two awards. The Liscia Consulting GbR creating LEADERS product D.R.E.A.M. Score® not only convinced the Huber Verlag für neue Medien/Huber Publishing for New Media GmbH, but also the Initiative Mittelstand/Mid-Tier Initiative.

Learning from horses – Leadership training with a horse as coach

Your coach is a horse and you, the leader, are on your way to self-awareness. Horse-assisted coaching is a hands-on learning experience, directly reflecting your leadership competence and leadership style.

3. Think-Tank: Leader in Action 2018

Liscia Consulting hosted their 3rd Think Tank Leaders in Action. Many clients followed the call! “Attention leaders, it’s Think Tank time!” The call went out in 2018, when Liscia Consulting GbR invited People Work people from all over Germany to the third event in the series. Following an 18-month break, the 3rd Think Tank Leaders in Action offered an excellent program in the consultancy’s home offices in Paderborn.