On November 19, 2016 Liscia Consulting received the annual award given by the Deutscher Verband für Coaching and Training e.V. (DVCT) in Hamburg

Their concept „story changing®“ received the award after a one hour live presentation against two other finalists. Not only the five member jury, all business representatives, was eligible to vote but also the professional audience present for the final presentation.

The foundation for their success had already been laid with the so called „Rütteltest“, which also took place in Hamburg on September 15th. At that time the concept was presented live to the preliminary jury.

Story changing® is a concept that helps ensure a holistic company development and accompanies companies, teams and individuals through change processes. It helps people to understand, accept and actively help fashion changes. As opposed to other established models „story changing®“ looks at change processes on both organizational and emotional levels, and not just one ore the other. „Story changing®“ also contradicts the common belief that change processes begin with a shock. On the contrary, „story changing®“ sees a necessity to build up a strong basis of trust with staff and responsibility for this lies in the hands of company management and managers. If this does not exist then any change process is doomed to failure.