The leading fair for mobility, transport and logistics, IAA Nutzfahrzeuge, opened its doors on September 25th, 2014 and is showing 322 world firsts. Team Liscia, experts for change processes was present on September 28th with its own world premiere.

Gianni Liscia, one of Team Liscia’s two founders, presented his ideas about the newest brand new topic to an interested audience on the stage Job and Career. His presentation “Employee Engagement – the WOW-factor for sustainable company success” illustrated the picture of an executive under the aspect of leadership within 45 minutes using humor but straight language that provided the listeners with a lot to think about. The speaker emphasized the following, “Here in Germany,” said Gianni Liscia, “we use too many Americanisms without thinking about what they actually mean. There is quite a difference between management and leadership. Our organizations and companies have become more and more complex over the last decades. Globalization has done its part too.”, commented Gianni Liscia further. “Management must master these complexities by shaping the processes and structures. Leadership, on the other hand, is mainly there to lead people through these change processes.”

The keynote speaker also had precise advice for the HR department: “What does ‘Engagement’ really mean? It means much more than staff retention. Engagement is a responsibility and a promise that a company and its employees give to each other – like a betrothal!” explained Gianni Liscia. He summons Human Resources to be more concerned about creating a home for working instead of primarily introducing systems.

The bottom line was an entertaining, critical plea which offered propositions for solutions. Whoever would like to have the slides for this speech, can ask free of charge under