A former Enchlada-Gruppe employee has joined the team at Liscia Consulting GbR- creatingLEADERS.

Helping companies to advance and making leaders not just developing them – that is the credo of Liscia Consulting GbR located in Paderborn. Tina Vogel has found her calling there and will be joining the team of consultants at Liscia on Jan. 1, 2016. That is how a customer becomes a colleague and in future will contribute considerably to making Leading Managers out of managers.

The former head of personnel development and expansion at Enchilada Franchise GmbH looks back on a wide range of working experience in the food service industry and hotel business. “Ms. Vogel’s broad expertise is extremely valuable for us in this industry”, says Gianni Liscia, who together with Marcello Liscia as well as Jan Liscia leads this consulting firm.

The Enchilada-Gruppe, now number 1 in event catering and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has been accompanied by Liscia Consulting GbR for over 13 years, is still enjoying the support of these consulting experts. The reason for this is – unlike the situation of individual catering companies, turnover figures in system catering have been rising steadily – so the Enchilade-Gruppe is focusing on more expansion in the future. “Our cooperation with the Enchilade-Gruppe is based on mutual trust after so many years”, explains further Gianni Liscia, who himself is a member of expert commission Deutschen Hotelakademie since 2012.

Torsten Pertersen, one of the managing directors of Enchilada, also justifies the continuing loyalty to Liscia Consulting with the words, “We’ve been working successfully with Liscia since 2003. In our opinion, this team stands out from its competitors in that it continually addresses the needs their clients, in a direct way, no beating around the bush and they are helping our company to advance through training, coaching and ongoing accompaniment.”

Liscia Consulting not only offers strategy consulting but also accompaniment of the process and guidance with the application.