On February 14th, the day of love, over 40 executives travelled from all over Germany to gather for the fourth time at Liscia Consulting GbR in Paderborn. It’s Think Tank Time!

In addition to flowers and chocolate – after all, it is Valentine’s Day – Liscia’s guests were treated to three informative talks, followed by lively Q&A, as well as a chance for personal and professional networking. In addition to new impetus for daily business, known acquaintances were refreshed and new contacts established.


“(…) loads of new ideas.” (Jens Eisele)


Emell Gök Che, the renowned product and interior designer frequently seen on German television, opened this year’s event with her lecture Design: The Business Booster. Internationally recognized with multiple awards, Ms. Gök Che shared her profound experience, artfully taking her audience to the world of color and interior design. Providing a wealth of examples, she clearly demonstrated how design not only influences people’s moods and motivation, but also design’s capacity for raising your business a cut above your competitors. A series of before-and-after photographs impressively illustrated how her courageously convincing alterations positively impacted seminar and hotel rooms, lobbies and more. A spirited discussion ensued as guests asked questions and shared their ideas.


“(…) a wonderfully comfortable and congenial ambient.” (Ramona Schween)


Following a delicious luncheon peppered with cheerful networking, Liscia’s guests were energized for the day’s second talk. Dr. Pia Aumeier, behavioral biologist at the Ruhr University in Bochum, nicknamed the Bee Popess by apiarists around the world, gave her highly entertaining lecture, Learning from Bees to a fascinated audience. Her expert knowledge provided a comprehensive view of the honey bee microcosmos, a veritable university teaching humans organization, teamwork and specialization. Obviously, an experienced lecturer, Dr. Aumeier generated both amazement and amusement, as humor abounded in her style. Directly following the lecture, Think Tank participants were invited to see theory in action. Dr. Aumeier led a goodly dozen ‘courageous’ guests to the Liscia Consulting parking lot where, in the early spring sunshine, they could examine the live buzzing bees she had brought along to the event.


“My compliments on your event.” (Andreas Freund)


The final presentation, Making Transition Tangible, was most ably delivered by Tina Vogel and Svenja Kiesewetter (both Liscia Consulting), who guided their audience through a transitional process. The journey began with a concrete example: Many companies are confronted with the need to pass on accumulated knowledge to younger generations of employees, while, at the same time, this information requires an accessible, modern form. In competent tandem, the two lecturers sketched out the corresponding transitional process, taking their audience step by step through Liscia Consulting’s own, award-winning story changing® model. The subsequent discussion made evident that issues concerning generation-specific leadership and transitional processes are highly topical challenges for business leaders, calling for prompt attention.


Emell Gök Che

Dr. Pia Aumeier

Tina Vogel & Svenja Kiesewetter