It’s 2017, and once more the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien (Huber Publications for New Media) GmbH acknowledges exceptionally progressive industry products that make significant economic, social, technological and environmental contributions. Liscia Consulting GbR creatingLEADERS, with their product, story changing® Consultant, impressed the expert jury of industry elite, professors and trade journalists, taking home the BEST OF 2017 award.

story changing® Consultant is a six-day training program bringing forth transformation process experts. The training is aimed towards internal advisors, trainers, coaches and executives, providing a final certification examination when desired.

A trained story changing® Consultant guides clients through processes that bring about change. A story changing® Consultant is a proficient sparring partner for creating strategies as well as a producer of solid concepts for transformation. His or her transformation guidance encompasses the initial Big Picture all the way down to concrete measures for success. A story changing® Consultant brings intelligent guidance to individual persons, executives and businesses. It is an excellent method of safeguarding against chaos and frictional loss, while making complexities understandable and governing their transformation.

The training is based on the tool, story changing®, which was honored with the German Coaching and Training Association Award in 2016.
story changing® guides companies, teams and individuals through transformative processes. It is exceedingly useful to understand, accept and actively bring about change. The individual subjective and emotional experiences are elucidated in 12 steps. As opposed to other transformation models, story changing® approaches the transformative process from both the organizational as well as the emotional perspective.

Hence, after completing a story changing® training, consultants are able to guide change through the 12 steps, transforming a desired condition into the status quo.

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Since 2000, Liscia Consulting GbR – creatingLEADERS – with their primary office in Paderborn, is an outstanding, international enterprise for executive development. Headed by Gianni, Jan and Marcello Liscia, Liscia Consulting GbR provides strategy consulting, process guidance and practical application. Highly pragmatic and practical, the executive-makers focus on realities. How do they do it? Emotionally, rationally and disquieting.