Liscia Consulting extends an invitation to the 2nd Think-Tank in Paderborn

What challenges daily await managers from industry and business? What hurdles have to be taken? To answer these questions some 75 company directors and decision makers from international companies have been invited to the 2nd Think-Tank in Paderborn.

Aligning company processes and strategies, creating growth, using leadership to reach goals – these are the daily challenges managers see themselves confronted with.
And if one believes in the economic system, these topics will gain even more meaning in the future.
Setting, accepting and reaching ambitious goals is often just as much a challenge as aligning processes and strategies so that long-term company growth is generated.

However, what does the quality of leadership look like in American and European companies? A study concerning the quality of leadership, the results of which will be initially presented on this day, will shed some light.

Participants to the 2nd Think-Tank: Leader in Action can expect an exchange with colleagues from industry and business, together searching for answers and getting to know about successful models from three practical lectures

Learn from Joey Kelly how to extend your own limits with discipline and iron willpower.
Let Harald Dickel demonstrate how strategies can be applied successfully.
And take Gianni Liscia‘s D.R.E.A.M.-Formula for managers home with you.
For further information, we are here for you.