“Let’s Talk Business”, National Association of Mid-Sized Businesses (BVMW) discusses generational change and succession

On Tuesday evening, September 18, 2018, 15 BVMW members came together in Let’s Talk Business to discuss generational change and succession, a unique transitional process. The event was hosted by  Liscia Consulting GbR of Paderborn, Germany.

Following a comfortable introductory round with coffee and sandwiches, Udo Wiemann, BVMW Detmold director, opened the evening’s event with current numbers on generational change in Germany. Nearly 40% of all mid-sized enterprises are already considering transferring company leadership to the next generation, planning to take the transitional step over the next five years.

Taking it from there, Gianni Liscia revealed the initial results of an on-going study probing into the varying expectations employees of different generations have on their  employers – and how far these expectations are fulfilled. At the same time, leaders are being asked to assess a range of work-related aspects regarding Millennials and Generation Z employees. A comparative result analysis makes more than clear that from the employees’ point of view, desired conditions and the status quo vary greatly. The same is true for leaders’ assessments of the two generations of employees. Obviously, the generational succession in companies will be a particularly challenging transitional process.

These thoughts led to the introduction of Liscia Consulting GbR’s story changing®, a multiple award-winning transitional process model developed by Liscia’s own leaders. Story changing® unravels the complexities of transitional processes, making them transparent and tangible, thus opening realistic options for action. Gianni Liscia brought to light how leaders and employees can successfully traverse a generational change. The model approaches a transitional process in 12 steps that take both organizational and emotional process components into account, setting it apart from the endless trade-specific change models on the market.

Rounding off the evening’s theme, participants were divided into three discussion groups to explore generational differences and the resulting succession challenges within their own enterprises. Guided by Tina Vogel, Svenja Kiesewetter and Gianni Liscia (all three Liscia Consulting team members), the various experiences and impressions were collected and brought before the plenum.

Following the above program, participants enjoyed relaxed conversation, networking and further exchange while partaking of the buffet and drinks provided. All in all, it was a successful evening of networking and learning, wholesome and beneficial.