Talks and lectures: Keynote speakers for your events

Keep in step with the pulse of change with stimulating impulse lectures! Each keynote can run from 30 minutes to 3 hours – depending on your event’s capacity! Our diverse, surprising topics infuse your company with fresh impulses, conveying an atmosphere of awakening and a zest for change. Rational and emotional compositions merge with the blunt articulation of our prevailing reality, making a lasting, thought-provoking impression on your participants. A dose of humor often makes discomfiting truths easier to swallow.


“Like no other business in Germany, Liscia has the knack for applying innovative and modern concepts to the most important aspects of everyday business. Occasionally provocative, but always well-founded and based on fact, they offer unprecedented ideas and concepts to the market.”

Lars Pielemeier
REFA Ostwestfalen-Lippe


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Our Keynotes

Should you have a specific topic else in mind for your event, give us call or write us an email! Let us jointly define the appropriate topic and we will create an individual talk for your specific event.

The happiness principle: Just be happy! Or how we perceive happiness and achieve success

Your favorite song on the radio, a brilliant rainbow after a storm, or merrily singing birds on a spring morning – our everyday lives are full of such happy moments. Yet, we are often too distracted to take note of and enjoy these small events, our minds busy with the next customer appointment, with a tedious assignment, or with a private obligation. This talk illustrates how you can shift your perception to fill your Book of Happiness with, well, happiness! Learn to become consciously attentive to supposed trivialities. This focus will make you happier, anchor you in the here and now, and awaken your awareness for the good things in your life. Set out on your personal safari for the small joys in your life and you’re sure to capture big results – it’s worth it!


What's in it for us? Taking the measure of returns on employee development investments

The moment a business hits rocky terrain, the first thing cut back on is personnel development. Precisely the area where investing pays off most. If the company had had the right person with the right competence in the right position, they would have most likely been able to circumvent hard times. Why, then, are employee development funds withdrawn? Because most companies – and personnel managers, too – don’t know how to express employee development successes in euros, so there’s no solid argumentation when funds are cut. This presentation shows you the shape of modern employee development and how it can measurably profit your company. With solid examples, you learn how other businesses have not only refinanced their investments in their employees but have made a profit, to boot!

Attitude: What Y and Z want. Or why we behave like we do

Values drive our behavior. It’s no wonder then, that generations of leaders – and of consultants, of course – probe into the meaning and application of values, invariably realizing one essential aspect: values are not applied. Values are lived. They are a part of our (company) culture, and, in fact, values alter from generation to generation. Currently, our workforce consists of four generations, giving rise to unprecedented communication and interaction challenges. Which values are currently at the helm? Which principles should be revived? What is the secret to successful organizations? Here, in this talk, you will find answers to these questions and learn to create an environ that fosters those values and principles that drive your organization toward success.

A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie® – Physical and mental health is productive

th is no longer an employee’s private business, and hasn’t been for some time. Simply calculating numbers, products and yields will not sufficiently reflect how robust your business is. Your employees’ fitness must also figure into the big picture. Many companies have already recognized the importance of maintaining and promoting employee health. The A.P.F.E.L.-Strategy (A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie®) is a superlative checklist for analyzing and implementing company health management. The acronym stands for:

A as in activity: Recent studies have shown that mental health requires more than brain jogging – physical activities also play a significant role.

P as in pauses: There’s no adding to a full cup. Small, refreshing breaks sharpen wits and recharge batteries!

as in fitness: Fit on the job means the ability to meet everyday workplace demands. Coordinating competence, flexibility, strength and stamina are as vital to workplace health as mouse and keyboard are to a computer.

E as in Eating practices: This does not refer to attaining an ideal figure, but to choosing food and snacks that fuel the fire instead of putting it out.

L as in Living power: A federal study carried out by the German Association of Company Health Insurance Funds (BKK) proves that promoting worker’s health leads to a significant increase in performance.

The A.P.F.E.L.-Strategy (A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie®) is based on a biopsychosocial health model, perceiving a person holistically, as body, mind and the community in which she lives. A.P.F.E.L.-Strategy (A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie®) has been awarded the INDUSTRIEPREIS (Industry Prize) 2011 for a Qualified Product in the category Professional Services. Make your employees’ health a top-level priority and watch your investment flourish.

D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS® – Successful leadership formula

People Work. Facilitating engagement. Promoting teamwork. Creating a professional homeland for your employees. That is the purpose of a leader.

How do you turn a manager into a leading manager? Turn a leader into an even stronger leader? Leadership creates a professional homeland, management builds the house. For us, there is no such thing as more or less vital – the two must work hand in hand.

Employee engagement is the WOW factor of sustainable company leadership. But how do you transform rulebook slowdown employees into motivated cracker jacks? The answer is employer engagement. The formula is the D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS®

D – Dedication: Wholehearted commitment to mission, 24 hours a day

R – Responsibility: Assuming full responsibility for your decisions, for your staff and for yourself

– Education: Ensuring you and your staff evolve

A – Attitude: Living and communicating your personal mindset (philosophy) and values

M – Motivation: Commitment as the foundation of all deeds

Fulfil the D.R.E.A.M. to know what leadership is.

story changing® – Tangible transitions for everyone

Story changing® guides businesses, teams and individuals through transitional processes. It helps people to understand, accept and actively shape change. The 12 steps to story changing® portray the individual subjective and emotional experiences.

Contrary to other established change models, which address either the emotional perspective or the organizational aspects of a transitional process, story changing® perceives and works with both. What’s more, story changing® contradicts the common assumption that transitions begin with an obligatory shock. With story changing®, executives and leaders are called on to build a solid foundation of trust on which their employees can stand strong. Should leaders fail to do so, any transitional process is as good as doomed. Going further, story changing® views transition as a flexibly evolving process, allowing steps to be skipped or revisited. The sole decisive factor is that the path is steadily followed onward to the twelfth step.

A superimposed dimension of the story changing® model is the T.O.M.A.S. Principle (T.O.M.A.S. Prinzip®), which groups the 12-step progression into 5 phases. The first phase, Phase 0, begins prior to launching the actual transitional process. It’s the phase of Trust.

To best analyze and visualize transitional processes, there is the story changing® board used hand in hand with the toolbox, giving company executives and leaders precise instructions on what to do when – inhouse or with external support. Ultimately, a detailed plan of action is generated, drawing on well-known instruments such as Cynefin Framework and RASIC. Thus, story changing® is an outstanding leadership tool, sparing your business chaos and frictional loss while aiding leaders in grasping and guiding complexities through a successful transition.