Our resolution: Your trust

Leadership is an exceedingly broad-ranged, yet delicate field, pushing many leaders beyond their comfort zone. The work we achieve with our clients is built on a solid foundation of trust.

Trust is the first phase of our T.O.M.A.S. Principle (T.O.M.A.S.-Prinzip®).

T.O.M.A.S. stands for:


Get to know us and form your own opinion. As the proverb goes, Paper doesn’t blush. Neither do websites. We can only give you a first impression here. Even after we’ve met and talked for the first time, you still can’t be sure whether we are the right partner for you. But you will have an impression of whether we have what it takes to be your strategic partner in developing your leaders. Trust will grow with time. Trust is what our clients have given us for years – clients that are now business friends, some for 19 years – allowing us to accompany them through all leadership issues.


Map out your situation for us! We can tell you our success stories, some of which you can read on this website’s Doing page. Orientation, however, can only be reached together, by measuring your company’s leadership qualities with our D.R.E.A.M. Score®. This is our first shared step. For more detailed information on our D.R.E.A.M.-Score®, see our Conception page. By the way, should you decide not to work with us, measuring your company’s D.R.E.A.M. Score® is our investment in making business contacts business friends, and comes at no cost to you.



The moment we have mutually agreed on orientation, we get moving. Together, in a Start Workshop, we transfer your company’s strategy onto your leadership strategy. We guide your leadership strategy’s unfolding with story changing®, a model we developed specifically to this end that, for once, is not an acronym ?. You can read more about story changing®, on our Strategy page.


The strategy is clear, the concept formulated, and your leaders have attended an informative event and talked with us. Now, it’s time to go into action. What does that mean for you? We haven’t the foggiest! Right now, you are reading our website, so we haven’t even met yet. But if we have aroused your curiosity, then don’t hesitate to give us a call or write!


And yet, how do we ensure that your strategy is not only implemented, but truly embodied by your leaders, becoming business as usual? With regular application guidance. With blended learning approaches. These combine in-person events and digital media. They can be virtual coaching sessions, but the use of our Practice Platform is also an option. Our Conception page gives some more details.