“Why do I love working with the Liscia Consulting team again and again? In one sentence: They know how to reach people! That’s exactly what a company needs to successfully master changes.

Jörg Plaum
Director Global Capacity Planning
Aluminum wheel manufacturer for the automobile market

I have learned to deeply appreciate the Liscia Consulting team. There is hardly any other enterprise that, in the shortest period of time, can instill such trust and profoundly penetrate our business doings as if they were their own. For several years now, Liscia Consulting has been a valuable advisor, coach and sparring partner for me and my team, adeptly guiding our transformation process.

Yana Gogoll
Managing Director
andagon people GmbH

“Liscia Consulting have a wonderful ability to help bring clarity with coaching, both 1 to 1 and as a group. Without their mentoring and guidance the teams I have worked with and I just would not have progressed as well as we did. A great mix of humour, professionalism and pure knowledge! A wonderful Team.”

Stephen Gibson
Operations Director
Adient Metal & Mechanism GmbH

“I was expecting some kind of coaching. What I got was a coach who caught onto my daily business and operative practices in the blink of an eye and is a most formidable sparring partner in difficult times. Thank you!

Nils Erdmann
Director CXM
arvato Systems S4M GmbH

“Team Liscia, a lean and dedicated team of professionals working to find tailor-made solutions to real business problems in complex environments. Always a pleasure to work with them.”

Nico Huwel
Director Manufacturing Excellence EMEA
Johnson Controls International

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