More references

At the end only results count, that’s why I appreciate the cooperation with Team Liscia for the develop of the management. Unforgettable group events and effective individual coaching sections appreciated by the growing up leaders.

Manlio Dellai
experienced Operations Director and Manager
Tier 1 automotive supplier industry

I have just positive experience with Liscia Consulting. Does not matter if target is to fix, to develop, to get advice or direction for one person or for the team. Flexible reaction, target focused and solution supportive reaction will always arrive. It is and will be a pleasure to keep added value cooperation with Liscia Consulting.

Juraj Melicher
Plant Manager
Adient Czech Republic s.r.o. – Plant Bor

We would like to thank you warmly once again for inviting us to your Think Tank event. It was our first time at an event of this kind, a new experience and absolutely enriching! Thank you for selecting inspiring talks and presentations that so clearly reflect much of what you bring to your coaching sessions. Thank you for the opportunity to meet the entire Liscia team and for the truly exciting and interesting conversations during the breaks. A fully satisfying and successful event!

Katja Hertwig
Supply Planning Manager Plant Auerbach
Unilever Deutschland Produktions GmbH & Co. OHG

“Liscia Consulting never ceases to amaze me! Applying their boundless stock of methods, their in depth knowledge and comprehensive expertise, they cover a vast range of possibilities when it comes to process and business analyses. The Liscia team always finds a solution. If the first one doesn’t take hold, you can be sure they have an alternative, making us that much more successful.”

Michael Rehnig
General Manager
Höganäs GmbH

Refreshing and innovative ideas along with Team Liscia’s extreme competence are a strong contrast to today’s standard of consulting.”

Peter Schumpp-Kappler
Head of Sales and Service
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Liscia Consulting’s experienced coaches profoundly strengthened our team spirit. In group sessions, we constructively discussed and analyzed new ideas, collective interests as well as improvement options and approaches to a abroad spectrum of open questions. Private coaching sessions gave each participant the opportunity to focus on specific individual issues and receive helpful guidance toward personalized solutions. Participant feedback proclaimed Liscia Consulting outstanding! High scores were given to their competence, clarity, conciseness, empathy and profound professional knowledge. Liscia Consulting helps not only in theory but explicitly in practice! An all around success I am most happy to reccommend.

Dennis Phiesel
Plant Manager

“Dear Gianni, thank you for your provoking talk in Hamburg. We all enjoyed it very much, coming back to your words that repeatedly triggered lively discussions throughout the entire workshop. It was deeply inspiring and thus, an excellent supplement to our event. In the name of Bechtle, I thank you most warmly.

Frank Diers
Division Manager North/East
Bechtle AG

“We have been working successfully with Team Liscia since 2003. In our opinion, this team distinguishes itself from competitors in that they concentrate on the needs of their clients directly without beating around the bush thus bringing our company forward with seminars, coaching as well as ongoing supervision.”
Torsten Petersen
Managing Director
Enchilada Unternehmensgruppe

“No matter who we work with, the entire Liscia team is remarkable. Wonderful people & warm cooperation merges with trade expertise, method proficiency and unmitigated individuality. Whether through their schoolings or customized workshops, thanks to Liscia Consulting we, individual employees and thus the entire company are moving onward and upward. We look forward to working together again.

Sarah Burkhard
Brand Management
Burgerheart Franchise GmbH

I can honestly say I am a changed person to the one who started the Talent 2020 training over 2 years ago, both at work and in a personal aspect. Even my wife says I’m a changed person because of your coaching (in a good way 😊). The material, coaching, mentoring, and most of all encouragement is second to none! The course would not have been a success otherwise. From working as a complete group, smaller teams, and down to individual coaching, every step was absolute enjoyment. When you enjoy something you remember it and understand it, this was the key for me to your coaching.

The entire development journey has been a pleasure and a privilege, I even find myself coaching others in the same way. I would recommend the Talent 2020 programme to anyone who wants to better themselves at work and in life. Nothing is a problem for the Liscia team, calmness, understanding, and perspective are in abundance.

Wesley Warwick
Senior Advanced Quality Engineer
Adient Seating UK Ltd

“Out of all trainees & trainings attended in my career this series of sessions was the most exciting, career-changing, knowledge gaining and outstanding. The content of trainings is brilliantly put in, with perfect blend of high-skilled professionals putting the content into words achieves excellence. Highly recommend Liscia to everyone who wants to grow and dream of leadership. Exquisite experience!”

Stefan Mladenovic
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Adient Seating d.o.o. Kragujevac, Serbia

“Time spent in training with the Liscia Consulting Team has given me opportunity to grow and change the way I think, as well developing my approach in teamwork and managing my team. Thanks for all the support and advices that I have received from them, and showing me more ways how to approach to the problems and to solve them in a more systematic way.”

Dragica Markovska
HPT Coordinator
Adient Seating Dooel Stip, Macedonia

“Liscia consulting do a great job with lots of passion, very professional and they have a very good understanding of the tasks and goals required. Well done and thanks!”

Neil McGregor
Quality Engineer
Bridon International Ltd

“Mr. Liscia has accompanied our management teams and executives in their development processes successfully for many years. The efficiency and effectiveness of these teams and the executives who have been coached has increased measurably, communication and collaboration improved. We’d like to say thank you for that.”

Thomas Richter
Senior HR Manager Germany
SYNCREON Automotive

“The East Westphalia Chamber of Commerce Academy offers regional seminars and courses to East Westphalian business and their employees to facilitate professional education. We have enjoyed many years of reliable and principled cooperation with Liscia Consulting. When selecting our instructors, trade-specific expertise and professional experience are priority criteria. Liscia’s team of lecturers perfectly blend profound trade-specific competence with a learner-oriented approach. They possess the exceptional ability to motivate students, even in the evenings after a hard day’s work.”

Stefanie Pohl
Educational Manager and Branch Director
IHK-Akademie Ostwestfalen GmbH

“I truly appreciate the Liscia team, both personally and professionally. I have known Gianni Liscia for five years. Since then, we regularly call on him and his people to coach us and our leaders on the widest variety of topics. Their clear, authentic and perceptive approach to explaining processes inspires profound and comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. At each training session, it is obvious to us that the Liscia team loves what they do. We will certainly be seeing them again soon!”

Benett Fiege
dean&david Berlin

“How to express positivity in words that clearly come across? Liscia Consulting has given me both personal and career guidance since I began working for Johnson Controls and also later on, when I moved to Adient. They have provided the most diverse support, from assessment to teamwork, communications and job coaching. What can I say?


Thank you Liscia Consulting!”

Michael Schmidt
Manager Operation Excellence
Adient Metals & Mechanisms GmbH

“At the Heilbronn Hospitality Symposium, we had the opportunity to hear Gianni Liscai’s stimulating speech “How is digitalization changing the working world?”. He clearly illuminated that while everyone is talking about Generation Y, it is actually Generation Z that we should be thinking about. The conclusion he reached was – Generation Z must be brought aboard and made a partner – this can best be done through story-telling. An important aspect that we will consider in the future. Thank you!”

Martina Dehner
Student OF International Tourism Management (M.A.)
& Nicolas Gaßner
Student Verkehrsbetriebswirtschaft und Personenverkehr (B.A.)

“Digital Lifestyle- a relevant and well-researched presentation examined the important topic of “how digitalization is changing the working world” from interesting and varied perspectives applying the right portion of humor and so successfully leading to understanding. Gianni Liscia captured his audience with his professional manner, verbal acuteness and clear examples and gave valuable impulses, whereby the reference to the Sinus-Milieu-Study was especially convincing.”

Sylvia Schäufele
Hotelfachschule Heidelberg

“Gianni Liscia’s team has accompanied my manager team and I through a change process in which old structures have been torn down and where behavior patterns and role models have been constructively reviewed. At times the provocative and disquieting questions raised were as effective as the extensive explanations that followed. The intensive conversations were always “eye-openers” not only for careers and working methods. The meetings seemed short and were filled to the brim with things to reflect upon.

The insights resulting from these meetings have helped me again and again in my career and I would willingly work again with Gianni Liscia and his team. He left a permanent and efficient impression.”

Dr. Uwe Bitomsky
Glob Director Program Mgmt EFB
Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA

“Individual coaching as well as team events receive responsible and ongoing accompaniment. A contact person is always available even after the event. Participation in these consistently professionally guided seminars helped me and my management team to develop steadily and positively, especially with regard to personal maturity and successful bargaining. Anyone who actively participates, benefits. Thanks Gianni and Marcello!”

Henry Wurm
Plant Manager
Johnson Controls JIT Werk Rastatt

“A topic, [D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS®], right to the point. Gianni Liscia outlined the topic of employee commitment from a new perspective. Managers and employees are equally responsible. Very refreshing, competent and informative. It is fun to listen to.”

Purvi Shah-Paulini
Managing Director,
Living India

“A group of good-humored, witty, dedicated professionals who helped me improve my professional life by teaching me how to achieve good balance between work and private life, which made me become happier and more satisfied person, and at the same time professionaly more effective and engaged.

I would also like to point out that the process itself was highly enjoyable: inspiring, amuzing and filled with good humor.

Many thanks to you all!“

Dragana Maljkovic
Manager Material&Logistics
Johnson Controls Interiors

“I associate Team Liscia with accompaniment that is effective and trustworthy. This combination has helped me to adjust to different situations, career phases and challenges. Many thanks for this support over the years.”

Stefan Koenig
Quality Director
Johnson Controls Interiors

“The time I spent with Gianni was great. I was always willing to converse and at the end of the day never ready to quit. The coaching was very helpful and I was always able to learn something new. It’s possible to solve any problem with Gianni and you always get the right advice. Thanks so much!”

Dana Viglášová
Launch Manager
Johnson Controls Automotive Czech Republic

“Mr. Liscia has been accompanying me as a trainer our company’s Management Program and as a coach in private meetings for past year.

The main topics were leadership, change processes and work/life balance. Individual coaching has personally been especially helpful. By asking the right questions and using appropriate methods to look at my motivation for actions, Mr. Liscia has helped me to then to reflect upon them so that I was able to handle various demanding situations better. In addition to that he helped me reach a difficult career decision with his coaching for which I am deeply grateful.

I can also recommend the various soft skills training offered in the Team Liscia program. These trainings helped me in various leadership situations to be more confident and commanding as well as to better gage my partners. In addition I have learned different strategies to deal with and navigate stressful situations and tasks more effectively.

I would like to thank Mr. Liscia and his team and I can heartily recommend this very competent consulting for leadership and change processes.”

Tim Grollmann
Manager Continuous Improvement
Johnson Controls Automotive Seating

“Liscia Consulting is not only excellent coach and partner during current and demanding tasks in the future but also a great listener and “colleague”. Their individual coaching has formed, strengthened and endorsed me in many professional and private situations.”

Markus Schenkewitz
Senior Manager Manufacturing Engineering
Johnson Controls Automotive Seating

“Professional, experienced team, with good listening and understanding skills. On top of these skills Liscia team used a flexible approach which finally resulted in fresh, effecitve ideas and tools to improve my leadership skills. Thanks for that!”

Peter Dallos
Plant Manager
Johnson Controls Kecskemet JIT Plant

“Competent coaching relying on a basis of trust. For anyone who is willing to better himself, coaching with impulse.”

Stephan Reichardt
Executive Platform Director
Johnson Controls Automotive

“The Liscia Consulting team has always had an excellent solution for the further development in my company whether it was personal coaching or workshops with whole production areas. Implementation is always very practical and perfectly tailored to the questions and participants at hand. All of the events with Team Liscia were experiences “to be remembered”. In my opinion the Liscia Consulting team is personable and professional.”

Alexander Pekrul
Plant Manager
Johnson Controls Zwickau

“Professional and congenial perfectly arranged trainings combined with very motivated and pleasant coaches convey applicable learning content pleasantly and effectively.

A big thank you to the whole Team Liscia for the many mutual and interesting hours together.”

Rene Dohr
Senior Supply Chain Manager Transport desk,
Johnson Controls GmbH

“Professional, knowledgeable and enjoyable to learn and work with. They have helped me to think and act in a more responsive and positive way.

I continue to use the tools and support they have passed onto me with my team and this has improved communication, improved individuals confidence and increased team moral.

Steve Doyle
Manufacturing Manager
Johnson Controls UK

“Mr. Liscia has accompanied our management teams and executives in their development processes successfully for many years. The efficiency and effectiveness of these teams and the executives who have been coached has increased measurably, communication and collaboration improved. We’d like to say thank you for that.”

Thomas Richter,
Senior HR Manager Germany
SYNCREON Automotive

“Team Liscia, a lean and dedicated team of professionals working to find tailor-made solutions to real business problems in complex environments. Always a pleasure to work with them.”

Nico Huwel
Director Manufacturing Excellence EMEA
Johnson Controls International

“I have been able to see significant motivation and efficiency improvement in all of my nine plant managers who work in Europe and Russia. Liscia Consulting adapted the coaching sessions to each person and personality keeping the target on improvement – and the results have been amazing. Great job!”

Georgi Tschumburidse
Executive Operations Director
Johnson Controls Automotive Seating

“Many thanks for moderating of the HBDI-Profile workshop. Mr. Liscia structured the two days creatively, with a lot of diversity and it was completely customer-oriented. All of the participants were eager to hear the next tips, information and comments especially when current cases with ‘customers’ and ‘suppliers’ were scrutinized by Mr. Liscia using the HBDI-typing. We were offered various spontaneous and not always comfortable suggestions on how to improve and maintain customer contact. The final draft of the action plan was adeptly subject-specific and confidently moderated by Mr. Liscia. Without this support, it would have been extremely difficult for us to keep things basic.

Keep up the good work!”

Peter Bielak
Head of personnel controlling and strategy
RWE Service GmbH

“For two years now, Mr. Liscia has been accompanying of ‘Teamwork in Production’ as a trainer for our future team leaders.
During these trainings newly elected group leaders are being prepared for their leadership roles. Each employee receives from Mr. Liscia the help, suggestions and criticism he needs to accomplish daily business. I am looking forward to a lot of further trainings.”

Heike Huhnd
Operational Excellence Group-Work,
Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.

“Team Liscia has provided our company with various workshops on various topics and with different goals for the last two years. The main topics were changing processes, leadership training and individual coaching. I can summarize employee feedback and my own impression as follows: Team Liscia very quickly and correctly grasps the situations and challenges. Participants are ‘taken on the hand’ and integrated in terms they can understand. The format and content of these sessions are well-structured, the trainer is confident and convincing. We are looking forward to working with Team Liscia again.”

Alfons Krauthausen
Managing Director
Regenersis Germany

“(…) thank you very much for a great train the trainer seminar. It was a definite eye opener and I loved the interactive bit of the training. I would suggest this course to anyone who deals with clients on a face to face basis.”

Tiaan Pienaar
Sales Manager
Hansgrohe South Africa Pty Ltd

“I’ve received impulses for successful management changes which I can use in daily practice.”

Heike Findeis
Chief Product Officer
Lycos Europe GmbH

“Sometimes uncomfortable but effective that’s how I came to know the trainings with Team Liscia. But sometimes discomfort is part of the game if you want to get out of your comfort zone to be able to change something permanently. Today from my perspective, I can say that it was worth the while to make these changes!”


Michael Athens
Managing Director
Westfalie Spielgeräte GmbH

„Thank you for the fantastic cooperation in our trainings. We were always able to depend on the trainers and their knowledge. Your dedication during the development of new concepts is amazing. The Train-the-Trainer concept was also professionally implemented and executed. I’d also like to thank you for being so flexible in arranging these sessions.”

Ann-Christin Baining
HAVER Academy

“Team Liscia managed to help us, the micromesen’ in a simple and personable way to discover the weak points in our working organization and to compile possible solutions including a clearly structured project plan which has a defined schedule for exact implementation. This challenge has been accepted by all the colleagues with vigor and pleasure along with the daily workload. The presentation of results after six months was visual proof of how successful the implementations have been and how much reduction in workload and time saved these two workshops have accomplished.

Additionally, the topics in the various working groups for example knowledge transfer, customer orientation, knowledge base, company communication (internal & external) allowed a completely new perspective which has essentially allowed our employees to integrate company structure. So every employee was challenged equally and has worked as an “employer” towards company goals.

I can easily recommend Team Liscia and I myself would gladly attend workshops with them (in this case Gianni and Marcello)! It is definitely worthwhile and in the long run makes everyday work easier for the employees – and that was the point!

I wish Team Liscia further success in future.“

Nicole Kox
Senior Inside Sales
microm – Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH

“An effective speech (customer’s WOW® – Emotional Paths to Customer Enthusiasm), which puts the essentials in focus, the customer as a person. The presentation illustrates how worthwhile it is to give thoughts a new direction.”

Thomas Reinert
Reckendrees Bauelemente GmbH

“Our initial worries and uncertainties about handling the complex topic of ‘internal communication’ in a two-day workshop disappeared quickly. Gianni Liscia led our project team step-by-step to its goal – a completed plan of action – using exciting methods and a lot of variety.

The participants’ expectation – to leave the workshop with a solution – was more than fulfilled.”

Nicole Mentzen
Projektleitung Marketing
MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH

“code-x would like to thank the whole team for the enormous involvement you put into the future-oriented workshop yesterday. I would like to compliment to Gianni Liscia from Team Liscia for the excellent moderation and guidance through this workshop. The results can be described perfectly with one word – respect.”

Stefan Freise
Managing Director
code-x GmbH

“If you want to excite people/customers then you have to be enthusiastic yourself! – this is what Mr. Liscia literally illustrated in his first-class speech! A brilliant speaker and a lively pragmatist, who hits the nail on the head, he urgently demanded leaving the comfort zones and being afraid of NO behind. The best description for the biggest obstacle regarding new customer acquisition is courage!“

Uwe Herzog

“Not a particularly certified, highly decorated specialist for insurances but a brilliant speaker with a commanding, impressive and understandable concept for the much courted topic of new customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Mr. Liscia led my colleagues and I through the various aspects of customer loyalty, customer relationships and the main point customer acquisition. We were able to see and experience that relationships between sales people and customers are influenced by the same or at least very, very similar factors in different branches.

The vivid presentation and convincing concept acknowledged our daily work and has helped us to question routines critically and to give new customer acquisition more focus and attention in the company.

Everyone in the audience agreed that Mr. Liscia’s speech was a meaningful, interesting and valuable investment. And that is our feedback the Interessengemeinschaft der Hauptberuflichen Vermittler, IGHV, der ÖSA.”

Thomas Lippold
Branch Manager
ÖSA Versicherungen

“In retrospect my coaching sessions with Mr. Liscia can only be described as successful and effective. He was always ready to listen and be of assistance.

After a coaching session I often found solutions which I hadn’t thought of before. It was amazing how little time Mr. Liscia needed to become familiar with the topic so that we could get down to business from the very start. I want to say thanks for his support and I have only praise for his dedication.

In addition I can make a recommendation for every entrepreneur, make sure to take advantage of the coaching offered and do it with Team Liscia!“

Christian Stute
independent financial and insurance planner

“It was always an opportunity to exchange ideas, especially when one has such a good teachers. In this regard, many, many thanks. I learned a lot from you.”

Valentina Büssow
Nursing Management House Amalia
Gerontopsychiatrisches Pflegeheim

“When you are self-employed, you always stand alone with all the decisions and changes that come your way. Team Liscia proved to be dependable partners, someone with whom I could talk over important decisions. They helped me not to forget anything important and offered me practical ideas to help me reach my goals.

Team Liscia gets involved body and soul. With their help I have safely grown into the entrepreneurial world.“

Jola Osiejuk

“I was a participant at the fair “Zukunft Personal“ in Cologne and listened with delight to your speech, ‘Wow! Customers become fans!’ I really enjoyed your talk and it showed me that I’m pointed in the right direction with my work. I to think that it’s often the little gestures that let customers notice – ‘You are the center of attention (…)! (…) I can only advise everyone to try this principal.’ I wish you the best of success and many positive experiences.”

Anke Strohmeyer
Training & Certification
Computer System GmbH Ilmenau

“A.P.F.E.L. Strategie® was a super seminar – good, simple suggestions which you can use daily. The practical exercises can be done without preparation and equipment and can be integrated into daily practice. The trainer Marcello Liscia was involved heart and soul which led to even more interest in the topic.”

Patricia Kandemir
Gastro-MIS GmbH

“We have been working successfully with Team Liscia since 2003. In our opinion, this team distinguishes itself from competitors in that they concentrate on the needs of their clients directly without beating around the bush thus bringing our company forward with seminars, coaching as well as ongoing supervision.”

Torsten Petersen
Managing Director
Enchilada Unternehmensgruppe

“A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie® – a seminar that addresses the senses. Managers often tend to forget about themselves and to use their time in the wrong way. In this seminar you learn simple but effective methods to give yourself a rest, gather your thoughts and then to continue the day full of energy and power.
Directions for simple methods that show you how to get ahead personally and in the business world by implementing simple adjustments.”

Maik Müller
Managing Director
Besitos Rostock GmbH

“Reaching customers emotionally – getting a WOW out of them – that’s what Gianni Liscia irrefutably achieved with his speech! At the end a big convincing WOW was lingering in the room. It was impressive because of its simplicity and inspiring because of its tangible practicality! I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

Birgit Spies
E-Learning-Consulting and Training

“I am happy to have gotten to know Mr. Gianni Liscia, a clever marketing worker, who actually understands how to submerge himself into my company as if it were his own. He analyses the products as well as the employees to tap new potential in both.”
Herbert Muders
Head of Sales
Mark-E AG, ENERVIE Gruppe

“Thanks for the new insights during the last two days, the new impetus to continue where I had actually started and then given up (…)”

Rüdiger Harlfinger
Enchilada Leipzig GmbH

“For several years now Mr. Gianni Liscia has been actively working with Silhouette Italia Srl with the task of improving the professional skills of its sales representatives through structured learning processes. The goal: to shape a sales force made up of confident sales advisors rather than mere product peddlers. Mr. Gianni Liscia has admirably done a very skillful job that is also very demanding on account of the diversity of the people involved in terms of vocational training, cultural background, and age. The result was excellent in all respects: high participant enthusiasm, and greatly improved results in the sales force’s activity. We very satisfied with Mr. Liscia’s work and we strongly suggest using his professional advice.”

Francesco Carrara
General Manager
Silhouette Italia S.r.l.

“Mr. Gianni Liscia has been supervising our Italian sales team with dedication, enthusiasm and motivation since 2008. He also accompanied the introduction of a new sales concept which successfully started in 2009. We are extremely pleased with Mr. Liscia and we can’t imagine anyone better for this job.”

Mag. Birgit Untermair
International TrainingsManager
Silhouette International

“The lecture „story changing“ concisely showed what a changing process needs to be successful. I was enthused with Team Liscia’s authentic transmission of their experiences, beliefs and emotions. The A.P.F.E.L. exercises we did at the fair were a lot of fun and have motivated me to reflect on and improve my fitness at work.”

Manuel Gallardo Antonio
Production Manager
Fleming Dental AG

“Dear Mr. Liscia, it was a pleasure to experience that there are still people around, who can present complex topics in unconventional ways, making them easy to understand. It was wonderful to hear the unexpected but logical and inspirational ideas during your speech. It went ‘bingo” and eyes were wide open. (…) Thanks again for your concept and the ‘bingo’ which hit a cord within! Since then I am stronger, more motivated and more determined.“

Oliver Lair
Head of Human Resources, Marketing & Incoming
Dietrich Touristik Telfs / Tirol

“Good afternoon, Mr. Liscia. I’m very happy to testify that our institution AWO Wohn – und Pflegeheim Am Inselwall was very satisfied with Knigge for serving personnel. The seminar was successful because all of the employees in the serving sector/care spent all day with serving rules, table settings, conversations while serving all of which were presented in an entertaining, professional and impressionable way. At the end of the seminar everyone was on the same page, so that we could immediately apply what we had learned.”

Birgit Kluge
AWO-Wohn- und Pflegeheim “Am Inselwall”

“Processes of change are not always easy but Team Liscia knows how to make them more simple.”

Dr. Uwe Allmann
Managing director
AquaMagis Plettenberg GmbH und Stadtwerke Plettenberg GmbH

“Dear Mr. Liscia, I would like to thank you for the great workshop. The presentations themselves were wonderful but they have also helped to invigorate and me personally. With your help and that of Team Liscia new career opportunities at the pool have presented themselves to me. So AquaMagis would also like to thank you. I hope, you’ll like the chocolates. Yours truly, Diana Laig”

Diana Laig
AquaMagis Plettenberg GmbH

“Once again my/our thanks to all three of you. The event with you was fantastic! That is both the opinion of my employees, who were present yesterday, and the consensus of our guests yesterday evening. I found all three speeches excellent. Your dependability and ability to stay within the allotted time speak for you professionalism. Keep it up!”

Klaus Birkhahn
Managing Director Kreise Paderborn, Höxter und Lippe
Barmer GEK

“Simply stated; winning new customers is sowing the seeds for harvest in the future! Companies can only win new customers through enthusiastic long-time customers, who speak positively about them to suppliers and from companies, who get the products and services offered to them by enthusiastic sales personnel – all this is conveyed to you with enthusiasm by Team Liscia!”

Jörg Brünig
Senior Director Executive Business
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

“I’d like to offer you my congratulations – because, although I’m not particularly receptive in the morning, you presentation really left an impression on me. Today I wrote a summary to share with my colleagues thus creating some space for ‘new thoughts’. Keep it up!!”

Charlotte Dechow
H-G. Sprick GmbH & Co. KG

“Team Liscia, a company like no other in Germany, transforms the important daily company dealings into contemporary, innovative and modern concepts. Sometimes provocative but always well-founded and reasonable, these new ideas and concepts are offered to the market”

Lars Pielemeier
Managing Director

“The trainer’s competence plus his style in conveying contents and knowledge are unbeatable.”

Marc große Austing
Managing Director
große Austing Computer GmbH

“Nothing is as consistent as change – the impuls seminar ‘Leading Successfully Through Changing Processes’ has provided important stimuli for my daily work and I got to know a dedicated and competent team.”

Sabine Ellert
Head of Business Development IT Services and Solutions
T-Systems Enterprises GmbH

“Yesterday it was my pleasure to listen to you presentation about customer enthusiasm. My congratulations! I have never heard such a well-rounded speech. You presented the informative content in an enthralling und absolutely professional way with a touch of humor. Once again thank you and maybe we’ll meet again someday!”

Olaf Gebhard
Managing Director
goal IT

“Gianni Liscia was able to get 50 IT companies excited with his presentation at our 34th Roundtable. Aside from his presence, it was the practical examples, which showed the potential hiding within each company. He showed us a bouquet of flowers containing new and attractive ideas, which we need to put into practice.”

Lutz Steffen
Speaker of MUK – Münchener Unternehmerkreis IT

“In this seminar (fit for the job with A.P.F.E.L.-Strategie®) you realize very soon what you do false and what you should pay attention to. But at the same time you easily learn how to improve the situation with just little adjustments; it’s about protecting the most important resource in the world that being – we ourselves!!!”

Torsten Petersen
Managing Director
Enchilada Unternehmensgruppe

“Organizing and moderating change processes – Team Liscia can be recommended for this – thinking outside the box, not swimming along in the mainstream, this is what distinguishes Team Liscia.”

Franz-Friedrich Schröter
BVMW Kreisgeschäftsführer

“Refreshing and innovative ideas along with Team Liscia’s extreme competence are a strong contrast to today’s standard of consulting.”

Peter Schumpp-Kappler
Head of Sales and Service
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

“An interesting and rousing speech which showed our members in a completely transparent and commanding way, the necessity of winning new customers.”

Franz Schwarzinger
Customer Care System-Partners

“Team Liscia impressed me personally with their wonderful human approach along with the professional expertise and passion with what they actually DO!

Jennifer Zacher

“Team Liscia knows what they are talking about and that builds up trust.”

Jörg Brune
Member of the Executive Board
WKS Textilveredlungs GmbH

“Little changes, great results – I found it amazing how little things can bring about change and how blinded by routine one has become.”

Nico Moramarco
Personnel officer
G DATA Software AG

“As I already wrote to Andrea Dabisch directly after the training, I experienced the Horse Coaching trial course as very exciting and informative. On the one hand, it improves “team spirit” and with that team development and communication and also perception abilitiy and leadership quality resulting from clear and precise agreements. Horse Coaching mirrors or better – points out our strengths and weaknesses simply and understandably while performing tasks in conflict situations that arise. Having fun as a team not only strengthens our desire to perform but also our self-confidence.”

Hans-Joachim Meier
Managing Director
adiepro sport-event