Success story – Talent Develpoment Program

American Automotive Supplier

Methodical training for leaders and subject matter experts


American automotive supplier with 220 production locations and over 80,000 employees worldwide, manufacturing, among others, car seats.


Conceiving and executing a development program with a twofold purpose: providing career support for talented young leaders and perspectives as well as for subject matter experts not interested in leadership positions.


45 days over 2 years, plus project work assignments


Developing a modular program in cooperation with the client’s inhouse Operations Academy.

Components of the program

  • Web-based assessments (360° feedback, applications, generating personality profiles)
  • Combined face-to-face and online training
  • Collectively compiling essentials for all participants over the first year
  • Two-track program emphases – leaders and subject matter experts – over the second year
  • Participant projects conceived with the company’s executive management
  • Independent, self-organized tasks on business-relevant projects, carried out in small teams with the aim to re-finance the entire project
  • Interim, end-of-year presentation exam depicting project status
  • Final presentation exam detailing project success as well as qualitative and quantitative (monetary) project results


  • A considerable number of participants were already promoted to higher positions prior to program conclusion
  • Marked increase in participant recognition as measured with a second 360° feedback following the program’s conclusion
  • Enhanced participant visibility within middle and top management
  • Successful conclusion of program projects which targeted optimization, new developments and savings
  • Program goal of refinancing the entire project exceeded by far


Talent hungers for development. Your gifted employees can distinctly enrich and shape your business – now and for your future success.