Success Story – Virtual Business in Pandemic Times

Ourselves, Liscia Consulting GbR

Coaching, training and workshops on online platforms


Fulfilling virtually all normally face-to-face appointments via online platforms.

Status Quo when the Pandemic Struck

As early as 2015, travel restrictions induced us to shift events with some of our international clients to the web. Thus, we were prepared. A solid, familiar infrastructure and effective methods were already in place. The only thing left to do was convince one or the other client of digital viability, transferring appointments and events to internet without the slightest loss of quality.


Taking the initiative, we called all of our clients at the beginning of March 2020, prior to the first lockdown. We wanted to know how they were doing, offering our expertise in crisis situations and delineating how online platforms provide options for event continuity. Whether we invited clients to work over our platform accounts or they invited us to theirs, made no difference to us.


Thanks to our comfortable, unquestioning usage and understanding of online platforms, our clients‘ trust remained unshaken and in some cases was even enhanced. We closed the year with a good balance which brought us – on all counts – safely through the pandemic.

Transferring appointments and events to the web eliminated travelling to and from clients, bringing double benefits. We were able to increase the frequency of client meetings as well as offer speedy appointments. This led to another advantage that pleased us to no end. Our expertise in applying virtual, quality support inspired clients to recommend us further, and we had the pleasure of expanding our clientele.


There’s much truth in the adage Crisis as Chance when innovations allow us to anticipate crises before they emerge on the horizon. Thus, your business is safeguarded against an immediate crisis situation and needs merely act within an alternative arena.