Success Story – Transitional Process

German tool manufacturer

Restructuring all business processes for increased efficiency and efficacy to secure and expand market position

A leading German tool manufacturer with 800 employees and 6 locations in Germany, Poland, Mexico and China.

The assignment
The restructuring required a systemic view of the entire company, generating a decisive, binding strategy. Based on the strategy, roles and responsibilities  have been redefined, drawing on RASIC matrix support and a fresh approach to interface management. The situation also demanded instilling a new, collective understanding of leadership as well as redefining distribution and sales target groups.

Duration of project
78 days


  • Start workshop
  • Strategy development
  • Translating company strategy into leadership strategy
  • Generating a concept to effectuate the strategy
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Conflict resolution processes
  • Supporting inhouse communication
  • Train the Trainer
  • Individuating existing customer sales, new customer sales and sales service & maintenance 
  • Realigning project management and sales interface

The company has gone the distance to make itself more effective and efficient. A unified understanding of leadership contributed to preparing every employee for the upcoming changes, providing clarity on the measures required to meet their goals. Eliminating waste attained an improved, solid cost structure and speedier processes.

In essence
It is a crying shame that successful companies only get serious about optimizing when the pressure mounts. It is far more sensible to actively initiate improvements on the business as a whole, not only in business aspects, while things are running smoothly. Perpetually optimizing as you go is the best safeguard against deficiencies that may threaten your company’s existence.