Success Story – A New Company Culture and Strategic Realignment

Globally active automotive and aviation supplier

Transitional process guidance over 12 month to esthablish sustainable strategic realignment with the help of new company culture


Automotive and aviation industry supplier with approximately 50 production locations and over 15,000 employees worldwide


To guide the development and implementation of a realignment strategy while initiating a supportive and sustainable company culture transition


34 days over 12 months


Generating a modular program in dialogue with the executive board, the employee representative council and the HR department

Components of the program

  • Kick-off workshop with upper and middle management to introduce the program and develop a communications strategy
  • Inhouse value system assessment; executing a 360° feedback to evaluate leadership qualities compared to management qualities
  • Applying the GROW Strategy Canvas method to the realignment strategy which resulted in an effective, appropriate leadership strategy
  • Inspecting and adapting organizational structures, including newly defined responsibilities, roles and competencies via the RASIC method
  • Introducing the story changing® board to guide a sustainable transition
  • Process guidance – individual coaching, targeted hybrid training and workshop moderation – to fortify the leadership strategy with enduring value awareness


A successfully transformed company culture, brought about by a permanent shift in leadership behavior. The ensuing strategy implementation led to higher returns and new customers. Optimized production and logistic processes reduced expenditures.


Employee behavior is a result of leader behavior. It’s that simple. And our behavior is determined by our values, which in turn determines our culture. New strategies demand we examine our values and principles and adapt our leadership strategy accordingly.