Toolbox for Leaders – Your e-learning program for successful employee leadership

Over the next 52 weeks, our e-learning program will introduce you to models, instruments and techniques targeting employee leadership. You will be encouraged to experiment with them and ultimately learn their functions and applications. We designed this program for those aiming to become leaders as well as those with leadership experience who wish to expand their knowledge.  

Each week, a video is released that will lead you into a new area or build on the previous one. Each lesson offers you the opportunity to directly apply what you have learned, either through worksheets or practical exercises. Multiple choice tests allow you to regularly control your progress.

The program is also equipped with a chat function to facilitate discussions with other learners as well as enabling you to upload your own recorded training videos for participant feedback.

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Our Toolbox for Leaders follows the D.R.E.A.M. of LEADERS® formula and is in divided into 5 units:

A wholehearted commitment to your mission 24 hours a day

  • What is leadership?
  • Leader or manager?
  • Engagement and bonding
  • Vision, strategy and goals
  • Communication and appreciative feedback

Assuming full responsibility for your decisions, for your staff and for yourself

  • Quality of life and health in leadership
  • Fulfilling needs
  • Handling change
  • Values and principles
  • Sustainable leadership

Correctly assessing levels of development

  • Handling simple and complex assignments
  • Managing skills and competencies
  • Situative leadership
  • Probing qualification needs

Living and communicating your inner convictions and values

  • The hierarchy of values and company structures
  • Intercultural competence
  • Cross-generational leadership
  • Your approach to your own happiness
  • Fathoming personalities

The willingness to perform as the basis of all efforts

  • Motivation and demotivation
  • Drivers and draggers
  • The participation principle
  • Leader as coach
  • The development plan impact