Success Story – Sales Strategy

Vendors of aluminum profiles, windows, doors and facade

Company offers aluminum profiles, windows, doors and facades, employs 800 employees at three different production sites and exports B2B to 40 countries.

The assignment
In order to give marketing and sales a new direction and make it more professional, it was necessary to work over the sales strategy and sales talk i.e. trimming back sales material and concentrating on the customer as a partner.
In addition to that the sales pitches with potential new customers at trade fairs need to be improved so that instead of just accumulating leads, actual prospects are won, meaning that potentially new customers who have expressed a wish to buy should be encouraged to make an appointment.

Project Duration
48 days


  • Development of new marketing material collaborating closely with the client toward the goal of enhancing interaction during sales talks which corresponds to the idea of Customer Experience Management.
  • Redesign and deployment of completely new sales talks and then training the sales team.
  • Additional coaching-on-the-job to actively support sales during talks with potential buyers.
  • Persuasive power should no longer come from discounts and similar activities but from market-based value and services provided by our client.
  • Preparation and accompaniment of the trade fair teams in regard to customer approach with the focus on positive irritation in order to quickly establish a basis for trust, which results in an immediate appointment for further talks.

The new sales pitch was well accepted and led to excellent results. Selecting a customer base meant larger turnover and better margins because the buyers could be served more individually. A positive side effect was the restructuring of regional areas and an increase in the team.
Revising the trade fair concept resulted in a doubling the leads at trade fairs. 65% of the leads became prospects at the trade fair itself. In the first four to six weeks after the fair, every sales representative had on the average 80 appointments with potentially new customers.

The essence
Concentrating sales talks on market value and service for a customer especially through Customer Experience Management allows sales to avoid getting involved in price discussions.