Success Story – Leadership Development

American automobile subcontractor

Measurably more solutions and performance-orientated decisions

American automobile subcontractor, 220 production sites and over 80,000 employees worldwide. Among other things – supplier for the production of automobile seats.

The assignment
Production leaders were passing on problems and decisions up the ladder instead of looking for solutions themselves. The task consisted of strengthening and encouraging their willingness to make decisions.

Duration of Project 
232 days


  • Developing a modular program in cooperation with the customer’s own Operations-Academy which was currently being set up.
  • Building blocks for this program:
    • Web-based assessment
    • Carrying out a business simulation over six months
    • Five days of individual coaching during a twelve month period for the production leader
    • Over an18 month period nine trainings dealing with methods and personal competency

Measurably more solutions and performance-orientated decisions were carried out by the production leaders (attained through 360⁰-feedback and web-based assessments before and after).

In essence
Even long-serving managers still have available potential. An amortization of the program was achieved before the end of the first business year.