Success story – fair training

Vendors of aluminum profiles, windows, doors and facades

Company offers aluminum profiles, windows, doors and facades, employs 800 employees at three different production sites and exports B2B to 40 countries.

The assignment
A lack of leads at trade fairs required that a new method be found to address anyone potentially interested. The number of contacts collected at trade fairs needed to be increased.

Duration of Project
Three days (two days preparation, one day at the fair itself).


  • Introduction of the selling concept using “FiSH! For Prospects”.
  • Preparing individual appeals using the principle of positive irritation, meaning actively approaching trade fair visitors which requires CHaR – Confusion, Humor and Request, which is based on the principle that dialog partners, who have been positively “irritated”, are more open for further suggestions.
  • Coaching on the job, positioning and coordinating sales personnel at the fair stand on the first day.
  • Active demonstration of the principle during the fair, hands-on training of staff

After a five day trade fair 40 sales staff had generated 3,500 leads, which was an improvement of 292% compared to the usual 1,200. A large number of the leads were validated with appointments so that they became so called p r o s p e c t s.

The essence
The sales department was not only able to leave the fair with a large number of leads but also with a lot of prospective customers – about 1,600 appointments with potentially new customers.