Success story – Expansion Accompany

Recreation, Conference and Entertainment Franchiser with multiple concepts

A German systemic gastronomy franchiser of recreation and entertainment franchiser with multiple concepts, 3,500 employees, 128 undertakings and about five million guests in 2014.

The assignment
A noticeable expansion of the original 17 restaurants in 2003. The need for expansion was clear to the customer however, it was necessary to find ways to make it happen.

Duration of project
Initially approx. 80 days a year, currently about 25 days a year.


  • Workshops between the franchiser and franchisee to introduce and establish standards.• Drafting a new development program under the aspect „a learning organization”.
  • Drafting an education program for managing director and business unit managers.
  • Supporting selected spin-offs such as the outsourcing bookkeeping and IT tasks, foundation of an in-house consulting and training agency.
  • Ongoing accompaniment of questions concerning staff and organizational development.

From 2003 to 2014 the number of franchises rose from 17 to 128. In 2014 a revenue of 110 million euros were reached.

The essence
As a result of goal directed consulting this recreation, conference and entertainment franchiser moved from ranking position 46 to number 1. In 2010 the company won the industry’s coveted “Hamburger Foodservice-prize”.