Success Story – Distribution Strategy

Austrian Eyewear Manufacturer

Much higher results with less effort

Austrian eyewear manufacturer, owner-operated company, 30,500 employees, exports products to more than 100 countries, only B2B.

The assignment
Within the framework of restructuring, our task was strategic as well as from the point of view of the marketing department to bolster the field sales force and their clients in retail shops in sales and marketing.

Duration of project
2 years – in total about 110 days


  • Preparing the sales and distribution for their role as multiplicators with their clients (specialist shops and opticians) the goal being to train the salespeople on location in order that the company’s products (the eyewear manufacturer’s) can be sold more effectively to the consumer.
  • The first step was helping specialist shops to understand that sales strategy could be improved by accentuating advantages
  • The second step was training in the sales department of the eyewear manufacturer under the aspect “Training Eyewear Sales Personnel and Opticians” (Train the Trainer)
  • After that we actively accompanied the field sales force and then held training and coaching-on-the-job sessions.

The new sales and marketing concept was overwhelmingly accepted by our client and by their customers (specialist shops and opticians). There was a substantial increase in sales.

In essence
Our client and their dealers now achieve much higher results with less effort.