Success Story – Cold Aquisition

IT-equipment and service provider

Japanese Technology Corporation and provider of IT-equipment and services in over 100 countries worldwide with over 160,000 employees.

The assignment
Improving the cold calling skills of distribution partners directly involved in buying and selling used and new IT-products to sales partners at medium-sized intersection points.

Duration of Project
24 days (twelve two-day sessions)


  • 96 hand-picked distribution employees were trained using the GoOut&TradeIN® concept developed by Liscia Consulting, which won a prize from the Inititative Mittelstand.
  • Cold calling in the commercial area to acquire new customers from middle-sized businesses.
  • Developing together with the customer a „Trojan horse” as a door opener to simplify and initiate the customer pitch
  • The sales staff was dispatched without time to prepare for the customer in question. They were only allowed to use the knowledge acquired in the training.

Within two hours the sales teams managed 18 cold calls on average, 54% of which led to appointments. 80% of those consequent appointments resulted in initial business deals.

The essence
In that year four million euros gross profit was generated through buying, processing and re-selling used IT-equipment. A further 40 million euros gross yield resulted from selling new products to consumers.